Compression stockings, Sclerotherapy,
Laser therapy (trasdermal)


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Compression stockings


compressiongradualThis is the most common initial treatment and is often required by insurance companies before any further therapy is performed. We will recommend the best compression and type of stocking specifically for your legs and follow the results with you. Even if you choose to have procedures done to eliminate your veins, stockings will be required for a time following any procedure.






SclerotherapySclerotherapy and laser therapy are the least invasive of all non-surgical therapies. These treatments are specifically designed to eliminate small varicosities and spider veins, which cannot be surgically removed. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of small amounts of a sclerosing (irritating) agent through tiny, almost hair-thin needles into the veins. The agent inflames the lining of the vein and causes a small clot to develop. This clot is not dangerous, and the vein then scars down in time. Over two to twelve months, the clot reabsorbs and the vein disappears. The advantages of sclerotherapy are that it is rapidly and easily performed in 15-30 minutes in the office, has minimal discomfort, and provides 90% excellent results. Disadvantages are that there is need for multiple treatments (usually 2-6), potential for scarring, and potential for brownish pigmentation where the clot was absorbed under the skin.




Laser treatment (transdermal)


transdermalThis form of therapy is similar to sclerotherapy, but uses light energy converted to heat inside the vein to clot the vein. It usually requires more treatments, is useful only for certain small spider veins, but in general is associated with similar results as sclerotherapy. As with sclerotherapy, it can cause permanent skin changes over the treated area.