Breast Care

Comprehensive management of breast cancer provided by expert surgeons

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CSA Vein Center

receives accreditation by the IAC:

IAC SealCSA is the first vein practice in Northeast Massachusetts to be fully accredited as a Certified Vein Center by the IAC (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission).
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We will assist you to coordinate the transportation of any ultrasounds or mammograms. All films will be reviewed by our surgeons and discussed in detail with you as part of our patient education process.

  • We offer a special breast evaluation form for you at your initial visit.
  • After each visit, a complete dictated office note will be sent to your physician. All testing, consults, and procedure notes will be sent as well. We will coordinate any necessary special breast services with you and your physician so that testing facilities and specialized consultations will be with specialists you and your physician know and in whom we all have confidence.
  • Our scheduling secretaries will coordinate any necessary ancillary testing and special care appointments with oncology, radiation medicine and plastic surgery.
  • We also have a team of dedicated and devoted nurses in our office who are available at all times to counsel and comfort patients, as well as deal with day to day medical issues involved with their breast care.
  • We will follow you as a patient until your active problem has been resolved and you are ready to resume routine annual screening. At that point, you will be referred back to your physician for that.
  •  We will provide you with extensive resource materials on breast self-examination, fibrocystic disease, breast cancer and all treatment options. Appropriate patients are also offered the “GAIL MODEL” Risk Assessment Tool.
  • We offer the full range of surgical options for breast diagnosis and therapy, including extensive experience in stereotactic biopsy, needle biopsy, office core biopsies for palpable lesions, and Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsies. We also coordinate with plastic surgery for immediate reconstruction when requested and appropriate.
  • Should you be newly diagnosed with breast cancer your case will be presented at a unified multidisciplinary tumor conference held weekly.

Scope of Breast Care Services

Appointments will be scheduled promptly, usually at the time requested by your physician. Your physician may specify when you need to be seen: “earliest available appointment,” “within one week,” or “same day.” In any case, we strive to see all referred patients with breast problems within one week. You may request a particular surgeon.

You may download the detailed breast problem history form immediately and start to complete it for your visit.

We strive for excellence in all aspects of breast care, and are always on the cutting edge of the newest advances in breast diagnosis and treatment. We are devoted to you as a patient and are aware of the emotional turmoil generated by any breast problem. We will treat you with courtesy, respect, and loving care, and will do whatever is necessary to help you through a difficult time of your life.

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